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Author Ashley Nicole fasinates with her insights about charity and Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology

Interviewing Ashley Nicole (U.S.A)

Interviewer: Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hello Ashley. Greetings from India, this is Kiriti. I must thank you for your contribution in Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology, by Stephen L Wilson. I am eager to ask you few things, if you please, allow …


Ashley: Hi Kiriti. You may please.

Kiriti: You are a known author from the United States. Why didn’t you contribute in terms of literary submission ?


Ashley: As much as I would have loved to submit a short-story to the anthology, my life is in a bit of mayhem at the moment as a mom and a writer. Photography was my way of still contributing to the anthology without overworking myself and crunching for time.


Kiriti: Are you an expensive author ?


Ashley: Actually no. All my publications are free so far. My next book will be $2.99 or less as an ebook. I’m not sure what the paperback will cost yet though. As a reader I appreciate quality writing that is affordable. I want my readers to feel the same way about my books.


Kiriti: What is the role of the photographs in this anthology ?


Ashley: Photography captures a single moment. I like to think that it brings everyone together, to that one point in time. Next to the literature, we can all experience and feel the compassion that is going into this anthology.


Kiriti: How did you become a member of the group, Indies In Action (IIA) ?


Ashley: Stephen invited me to an author event, asking for contributions of written work. After all the support he has given me and seeing the news, I knew I wanted to be a part of something that could help ease the troubles of those in need. When he told me he needed some photography I joined the group as soon as I could and I’m so glad I did.


Kiriti:  How far would this anthology help in supporting the victims ?


Ashley: The great thing about the anthology is it can contribute donations to the May Tornado Relief Fund as long as United Way is accepting donations and readers continue to buy it. All the proceeds of Twist of Fate will be donated and used towards immediate needs, intermediate, and long-term care of Central Oklahoma tornado victims. Twist of Fate also gives the victims a gift that symbolizes there are people all over the world who are sending their sympathies.


Kiriti: Which comes first, Love or Sympathy ? What is of more importance in a charity work ?


Ashley: The two can often be mixed up or coincide with one another. To me, love is intense and personal. Those who know the victims personally have all the love they require. But sympathy is that emotional tug even a stranger feels for someone in need. It is what drives us to volunteer and give to charity.


Kiriti: Name your favourite three submissions in the anthology.


Ashley: There are so many wonderful submissions in the anthology it is hard to choose. But my top three entries would probably be “Oklahoma Strong!” by Jason Luttrell and Marshall G. Kent Sr, “An Angel On My Shoulder” by Sara Walker, and “Home” by Sheenah Freitas.


Kiriti: Thank you so much. Wish you success. Keep well.


Ashley: You’re welcome and thank you. Best of success to you as well.





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Give me some sun shine …give me some rain …

I was actually stammering with my own compositions (Bengali poems of course) when Taj Mahal Review (an international journal of repute) surfaced and I sent a few of my English translations to them. It was not that a long wait when the Managing Editor Karunesh Kumar Agrawal confirmed their acceptance of my submission. It was indeed a pleasure to have contributed in his Journal. My work got a chance to share the same league of renowned writers all across the globe. It was practically a poem by Dr Uttam Datta in Bengali and I am grateful to Dr Datta that he allowed me to submit. Sir, I’m working on your other compositions as well and I do believe that you would never decline my appeal.

My search continued. I was fortunate to meet Dr. Mrs Rati Saxena who is specialized in Atharva Veda and a recipient of Kendriya Sahitya Academy Award for translation for the year 2000. She was so kind to accept eight English poems together for the June issue of Kritya and it was sheer delight.

Whilst working for “Karok”( Amit Nirguna Agnimitram) I was offered to translate an long English poem jointly written by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and Moses Opara. It was in Elizabeth’s timeline that I noticed an update of an upcoming International Anthology, edited and published by Stephen L. Wilson. I joined the group (Indies In Action) at once and made Ranadeb Dasgupta and Prabir Roy join the group too! I was amazed to see the professionalism of the group. They are a handful of professionals, writers, authors, a couple of them deserve to be named, ‘celebrated’, like Bill Lantry, Colin Dardis, Allison Bruning, Maggie Rascal, Don Martin et al. It took me to heights observing their accomplishments, approach and understanding. It had been my honour to interview the fellow co-authors, extremely interesting to collect their insights on the anthology and about literature as well. The anthology is titled, “Twist of Fate”, awaiting release very soon. When I met Maria Edwards, the President of American Authors’ Association (AAA) I discovered the true meanings of the words, ‘Dignity’ and ‘Dedication”. She was humble to offer Memberships to all the contributors of this anthology. This was stunning! I found an elder sis as well. So caring and affectionate, Hulya didi, as I call her that way.

It has been a great learning experience, my friends, sort of an eye-opening event, as I remain occupied with the proceeds of the group…

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Versatile writer Cynthia Meyers-Hanson and her take on Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology

Interviewing Cynthia Meyers-Hanson (U.S.A)

Interviewer: Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hello Cynthia. Greetings from India, this is Kiriti. I must congratulate and thank you for your contribution in Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology. I wish to ask few things, are you ready ?


Cynthia: Hi Kiriti, yes, you may proceed.


Kiriti: Why did you contribute to this anthology ?

Cynthia: I tend to gravitate towards helping others; I’m the caretaker type. I have written eight or more nonfiction inspirational tales that shine the light at the end of the tunnel. So, I tend to write in a caretaker way helping people struggling way. I fit into the style of the anthologies this group prepares. I am not as adept at fiction or the style other groups do to help with charity anthologies.

Kiriti: Share your experiences as you have worked with Stephen ?

Cynthia: Stephen is very fair minded and caring. It was easy to prepare a piece for his style of book. To clarify, I wrote a short story not a poem. I look forward to future interaction since this group’s style fits my main writing niche the best.

Kiriti: Do you think Twist of Fate is going to be a collectors’ edition ?

Cynthia: I think the Internet has opened doors to enormous possibilities. In other words, I think all the unique artists and writers may bring it to a noteworthy status. For me, it will be a collectable passed to my family’s future!


Kiriti: What is the genre of your writing ?

Cynthia: MAINLY, I write nonfiction inspirational tales about people overcoming near fatal injuries or coping with the aftermath of death. They are NOT sad tales but they are full of HOPE. My co-authors, those tales , and I hold the light at the end of the tunnel of despair. I, also, write children’s picture books about standing strong and believing in the win. Plus, I write historical YA and social issues based fiction. I have a sly sense of humour so my books are not hardcore or hard to read stories not even the ones about death.

Kiriti: How are you going to publicize the anthology ?

Cynthia: I have it up on my author page under the charities index. I have been tweeting and facebook announcing the cover reveal. I will do whatever I can.

Kiriti: Do you think your contribution in this anthology is better than donating fund directly to the affected ?

Cynthia: This collection or book can donate more if the anthology becomes- as you imagine- a collectors’ edition or goes viral. I am sure the cause will get more than my smaller donation of cash might render. PLUS, our words read by victims and other people bring gifts beyond the cash flow- they are PRICELESS. One final thought, it must be hard to be Stephen having to pick and choose submitted prose and do all the compiling and editing. Thanks Stephen!


Thank you so much, Cynthia for answering me, I wish you all grand success. Keep well.


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A rendezvous with Stephen L Wilson, the principal editor of Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology

 A rapid-fire round with Stephen L Wilson, the principal editor, Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology.

Kiriti: Hi Stephen, are you ready for the round ? I am a bit tired though.

Stephen: You are providing a wonderful service, and the feedback I have received has all been positive. Our group is fortunate and honored to have you, as well.

Kiriti: Thanks, Stephen. I want to leave no stone unturned in regarding my duties with your full satisfaction. .Wwhatever I do, I try with my 100% dedication, you know. Or else, I never try.

Stephen: Why, thanks, Kiriti. You will find that I am easily satisfied, however, and the effort you put forth is more than enough for me to meet that objective. Yes, you certainly ARE dedicated, from what I can tell!

Kiriti: I appreciate your concern, Stephen. Publishing the selected interviews in other webzines or in blog-zines will publicize Twist of Fate to a huge extent. Please employ all your contacts to ease the process.

Stephen: I usually share posts and blogs, once they are updated with our material. In this manner I will probably employ all of my contacts. You will find that our group alone will manage to publicize your work in a decent fashion. Kiriti, I will try out the rapid-fire. Just let me know what to do, okay ?

Kiriti: Let’s start right here …right now. Amongst the contributions name the best three.

Stephen: Aw, geez. That just isn’t right!

Kiriti: Now you are escaping! This is termed rapid-fire, my friend.

Stephen: Okay, fine. I will say that the three contributions which caught my eye the strongest were by Jason Luttrell, Lori Dillon and Marshall G. Kent Sr.

Kiriti: Good. If you were given a chance to approach a noted personality for prefacing the anthology, who would it be and why ?

Stephen: It would be Johnny Cash, because I can imagine his unique voice when I read it to myself. He is deceased and way too famous anyway.

Kiriti: Who is the next choice, someone who is alive ?

Stephen: Maybe, the President.

Kiriti: He is too high for prefacing, if I say.

Stephen: Well, yeah, I suppose. Hmm. Maybe, his wife? Still too high?

Kiriti: Next question. Did you inform the authority/administration of Oklahoma about this project ?

Stephen: No

Kiriti: Why so ?

Stephen: Do they need to know?

Kiriti: Of course!

Stephen: Why?

Kiriti: They are to be made aware of this effort.

Stephen: I don’t see a reason why the authorities would have an interest.

Kiriti: Just because you are into charity.They are getting help for the victims.

Stephen: Hmm. I see. For promotional reasons, you mean?

Kiriti: NOT AT ALL

Stephen: Oops! Sorry…

Kiriti: They are to be informed, like …. Sir, we are going to donate for the victims of Oklahoma via the anthology, Twist of Fate.

Stephen: Okay. For what reason?

Kiriti: The administration should acknowledge this team-work, don’t you think so ? Acknowledgment is needed, Stephen!

Stephen: In what way? Sorry. I am just confused. It seems like excessive work for no gain, other than publicity, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I suppose.

Kiriti: Whether they remain grateful or not, that is a different issue, but they are to recognize the team-work. In a way, this is a measure to publicize Twist of Fate.

Stephen: It is something we can discuss later, I suppose. Or, you can contact them!

Kiriti: This is just a part of this interview.

Stephen: Yes! That’s it! Now we are cooking with grease! Kiriti, YOU should contact them, as a caring ambassador and discretionary from India, and an integral part of the anthology! This is a new format, this “rapid-fire,” and I am just typing as fast as I can.

Kiriti: I don’t know whom to address or their emails.

Stephen: I don’t know them, either!

Kiriti: Last question.

Stephen: Okay.

Kiriti: How many buyers do you expect for this anthology ?

Stephen: Let’s see… you said you would buy a copy… there’s my mom… at least seven.

Kiriti: You do have an experience with Angels Cried, the last anthology of the group Indies In Action.

Stephen: What do you mean by an experience?

Kiriti: You produced Angels Cried. It had its takers.

Stephen: Yes. Do you mean buyers as takers?

Kiriti: Yes, buddy.

Stephen: I don’t know exactly how many people bought copies. We made $400 for the charity in one month, and it has been less than $50 since. Most of the purchases I suspect were from contributors and their relations

Kiriti: So, total $450 till now ?

Stephen: Yes

Kiriti: Not that a bad sum. It means, you didn’t publicize much.

Stephen: Not great, I know, but more than many involved would have been able to contribute. And we have started something great, I believe.

Kiriti: Yes, certainly!

Stephen: Yes. I suck at publicizing, but I think I am getting better. One day it will be my strength, not a weakness. And I have learned that books are hard to sell. It takes time to establish yourself in the community, even if you have a worthy product.

Kiriti:A a fact, that is!

Stephen: Soon I hope to have an updated edition of Angels Cried, and we will begin a more aggressive marketing campaign then. I had a live interview in a national blog radio show, Eri published an article I wrote in her online magazine, I was featured in Indies Unlimited. It isn’t as if I didn’t try.

Kiriti: I am serious , Stephen. If you consider Twist of Fate, as mere Charity, it won’t find a good number of buyers. It is to be marketed well.

Stephen: Well, I am not interested in promoting too much. The truth is, I am here to get things started, and to produce a worthy product of our efforts. I am not a marketer or promoter. I am satisfied with the distribution and sales of Angels Cried. I am satisfied with what I have learned. And, there is no reason for me to be involved with promotion, unless it is to provide an interview, or background info, or something of that nature. Others with better skills should be motivated to promote. I can’t do everything.

Kiriti: I am not blaming you.

Stephen: Blame those whose skills are better than mine, but whose motivation is less.

Kiriti: I do understand that you cannot carry all responsibilities together on your shoulder. That’s fine absolutely, But

Stephen: Don’t call me a butt….

Kiriti: LOL

Stephen: LOL

Kiriti: Some of the group members should come forward now with an aggressive marketing strategy!

Stephen : We are trying it with the cover reveal event and upcoming fan page.

Kiriti: What Angels Cried could not achieve, in terms of sales, Twist of Fate must !! This should be the motivation for all.

Stephen: Seriously, I expect sales from this book to far exceed the last one. AC was the first one, and should be the weakest one. In fact, I expect that this time I will not be able to cover the funds of the sales with my regular income, and we will simply have to wait until I am paid so that I can make donations.

Kiriti: Here ends the rapid-fire. Thank you, Stephen, for answering me.

Stephen: Thanks for the rapid-fire concept. It was fun. I am glad I was able to participate.


Date: June 11th 2013.




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Noted Poet Terry Lucas and his take on Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology

Interviewing   Terry Lucas (U.S.A)

Interviewer : Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hello Sir !! Greetings from India, this is Kiriti. I must congratulate and thank you for your contribution in the global anthology, Twist of Fate. I wish to ask you a few things, if you, please, allow …


Terry:  Great. 


Kiriti: Poetry is as precious as Diamond, even more. Do you consider your contribution is important in terms of its literary value ?


Terry:  I leave it to others to judge the literary value of my work; I am simply happy to offer it in this manner and for this cause.


Kiriti: What poetry has to offer to the victims of tornado ? They may be in want of direct funds.

Terry:  Humans invariably turn to the arts—poetry being the chief one—during times of stress or grief—both individually and corporately.  Thus, these poems and stories serve an innate, although inexplicable, need.  Perhaps it’s a connection to something beyond us that is needed.  The heightened language of poetry and literature can provide that needed “voice.” 



Kiriti: How did you come to know of Stephen L Wilson ? Were you sure that the Editor will use your composition to good use ?


Terry:  I did not know of him before someone added me to the group of “Indies in Action,” and was pleased when I found out that he was a terrific writer and educator.  It never ceases to amaze me how many there are!


Kiriti: A performer (it might be an artist, a poet, a dancer or a novelist) is always in search of recognition. This is a bitter truth. Do you think “Twist of Fate” will be recognised in the literary circuit of the United States ?


Terry:  I don’t know.  I do believe that that many writers and readers from diverse backgrounds will happily invest in this anthology, and have the opportunity of being better writers and better people for it.


Thank you so much, Terry for answering me. I wish you all stupendous success. Keep well.

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Compassionate Ency Bearis and his take on Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology

Interviewing Ency Bearis (USA)

Interviewer: Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hi Ency !! Greetings from India, this is Kiriti. I must congratulate and thank you for your contribution in Twist of Fate, an international charity anthology, by Stephen L Wilson. I am eager to ask you few things, if you please…

Ency: Hi Kriti ! Greetings to you too, and from Las Vegas, USA, the renowned City of entertainment. Thanks and I am glad for choosing me to be interviewed and I am ready.

Kiriti: You are a registered healthcare professional, a nurse. What took you to writing ?

Ency: Actually, I am not a professional writer, it is just my hobby to read and compose poems. When I decided to post one of my poems in a website, I was surprised to see numerous comments in response. Some with constructive and others with negative criticism. But I learned mostly from the negative criticism as I improved much on my writings and it gave the inspiration to compose more. There the passion of writing seduced my whim into the world of poetry.

Kiriti: What role would your poetry play in this anthology ?

Ency: My poems have therapeutic touch to the readers. The same touch to the patient I care but only in words. Even if you had written only the two words “we care”, those words are simply an ounce, might be regarded as a pound by the recipient. As I believe to the doctrine and logic in benevolence. “Benevolence – an open door policy by the institution of kind heart. Though return is not expected, priceless as counted”. Within that logic I applied my words to some of my poems that I contributed here with this anthology. I believed my poems can touch their hearts as my empathy to the people in Oklahoma that was affected by the tornado calamity.

Kiriti: It is often said that Poetry is an absurd art. What is your take on this ?

Ency:  Poetry is not an absurd art. Poetry is a form of therapy for many – readers and writers. It has the essence or potion with food for thoughts – wisdom. Message, inspiring, and sympathetic concepts that can be applied to a person’s life.

Kiriti: And lastly, how are you going to publicize Twist of Fate ?   ,

Ency : I can publish it in my blog, Facebook and thru contacts to all my friends to promote Twist of Fate, anthology book.

Thank you so much Ency for answering me. Wish you all stupendous success. Take care.

Ency : My pleasure Kiriti for having me, and you’re welcome.


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Review of the poetry book, “The Sojourn”, by Rupansh Gupta.

“Water is the manifestation of the spirit”

Ref: “The Sojourn”, by Rupansh Gupta, Shashi Publications, Punjab


When I read a Poetry book, I consider the poet first. A poet and his/her compositions are so integral, for poems necessarily reflect the psyche of their writers. Reading a book requires patience and the same is true when studying the inherent characteristics of the poet concerned. Rupansh Gupta seems to be obsessed with Yogic (means, related to Yoga) verses and practices. And this is evident with the title of the book, “The Sojourn”.


The book consists of thirty five poems and these elicit the basic quest of human-lives. Our stay in this earth is brief. In addition to our day to day chores we are to find out our origin and our destination as well. We need to search the ‘purpose of birth’. The objective of human life is to attain ‘self-realization’, as Scripture urges. Faster we understand, better we achieve. “The Sojourn” is undoubtedly an attempt to keep us conscious about this fact.


Here the poet is a professionally qualified Chartered Accountant and has a brilliant academic resume. What I found stunning, Rupansh is desperately keen in keeping accounts of his existence. All the poems are well-composed and take the readers to a different plane of universal brotherhood. This is commendable indeed !! Considering the architecture and the essence of the poems, I believe that the book is best suited for the school going children.


The most disappointing part is its cover which lacks a professional attitude towards a work of generous sincerity.


I wish Rupansh a brilliant career as a poet.


Kiriti Sengupta

22nd June 2013

Calcutta, India.






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