Distinguished poet Jon Tribble and his take on Twist of Fate

Interviewing   Jon Tribble (U.S.A)

Interviewer : Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hello Jon !! Greetings from India, this is Kiriti. I must congratulate and thank you for your contribution in the global anthology, “Twist of Fate”. I desire to ask you few things, are you ready ?


Jon: Yes.


Kiriti: You are the managing Editor of Crab Orchard Review and a well-known Poet from the U.S. How your contribution is going to benefit the anthology?  It deserves mention that the anthology must attract readers in order to accumulate fund for the victims of tornado at Oklahoma.


Jon: I wouldn’t say I’m a well-known poet at all, but I have worked as an editor for most of the last twenty-five years, including all eighteen years of Crab Orchard Review’s publication.

I was invited to submit to Twist of Fate by the writer Melissa Fry Beasley and I was honored that editor and publisher Stephen L. Wilson selected my poem for this very worthy project.

The poem I contributed to the anthology, “To Kneel,” was written in response to public and tragic events that happened some years ago in Illinois and Indiana. Though I had never really thought about publishing this poem before because I felt it to be a very personal meditation on those events which can overwhelm us with the feelings of loss and pain that they leave behind, I realized when I looked at the goals of Stephen’s project that I had returned to this poem many times over the years when tragedies in the world were too much to bear. I hope, in whatever way it can, these words might help others feel some small bit of relief as they work to recover physically and emotionally from the tragic events in Oklahoma.


Kiriti: Did you ever face denial when submitting for a journal or anthology ? How did it feel like ?


Jon: Like all writers, I have learned that rejection is part of the process of seeking publication and I am glad to say that I have come to realize that any denial is an opportunity to revisit my own writing and consider one more time whether the work is accomplishing all I hope it can before sending it back out into the world again.


Kiriti: Are you willing to propagate “Twist of Fate” through the Journal(s) you edit professionally ?


Jon: As an employee at a state university in Illinois, I face significant conflict of interest concerns with anything that appears to be self-promotion within the publications I work on. That said, I do hope to make as many people as possible aware of Twist of Fate through social media and word of mouth.


Kiriti: It is commonly said that Poetry is composed to be read by Poets only. Do you believe this ?


Jon: I think that the words of William Carlos Williams from his poem “Asphodel, That Greeny Flower” are as true today as they were in 1955: “It is difficult / to get the news from poems / yet men die miserably every day / for lack / of what is found there.” Poetry has the ability to raise us up and enrich our minds and hearts, to reveal the interior lives of others, to connect us to the world and everything in it in a unique way. I believe it would be a very sad thing indeed if that was available only to poets. And, thankfully, I don’t believe that is the case.

Kiriti: Publicizing an anthology for greater benefits is of utmost importance. Apart from your contribution, how else would you spread words about this anthology ?


Jon: As I mentioned before, I will take advantage of both social media and word of mouth to let people know what an extraordinary thing Stephen L. Wilson has done with this anthology, Twist of Fate. And beyond that, I will continue to encourage people in my community not to forget the struggles ahead for those suffering in Oklahoma and to give as generously as they can to the American Red Cross and other aid organizations that are so important in the ongoing recovery efforts.


Thank you so much Jon for answering me. I wish all of you grand success. Keep well !!



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  1. Soumitra Chakraborty

    A good effort,
    Thank you.

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