Ms.Maria Edwards, President, American Authors’ Association (AAA) shares her insight about Twist of Fate

Interviewing Maria Edwards (U.S.A.)

Interviewer: Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hi Maria !! Greetings from India. This is Kiriti. I must thank you for your contribution towards the international charity anthology, Twist of Fate. I seriously wish to ask you few things, if you, please.


Maria: By all means.

Kiriti: You have contributed ISBN towards the anthology. Would like to know what the significance of the ISBN is and how it would help in establishing the work (book).

Maria: The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique numeric commercial book identifier to help booksellers identify individual books. Most booksellers will not accept books without this number. That alone speaks to its availability and marketability.

Kiriti: Why did you come forward with this unique idea of donating the ISBN to the anthology ?

Maria: Everything Stephen L. Wilson and this anthology stands for is in direct alignment with my own beliefs and how I view the world. This anthology is a collection of so many individual’s creative works brought together to create something greater than any one piece. It is the desire of Indies In Action that the proceeds from this book will benefit those most effected by the devastating tornadoes that have ravaged Oklahoma communities earlier this year. I am pleased and honored to support such efforts through my contribution.


Kiriti: Stephen L Wilson is the Principal Editor of the anthology. He is the publisher as well. Isn’t that enough to acquire the ISBN on his own ?

Maria: I’m sure it is. However, Stephen does not wish this project to be all about him or his efforts. It goes well beyond that – as he had hoped. TWIST OF FATE is a global effort. As such, I believe Stephen wanted all aspects of the project to be contributions, including the publishing and marketing efforts. Remember, together we are stronger and can have a greater effect than just one individual. I am honored to be just one part of the greater group that IS Indies in Action!

Kiriti: I have interviewed quite a few contributors so far. This is not aimed to publicize the concerned authors; it is to probe their dedication towards the work and their views on literature. Being the President of AAA, what would you suggest me to do with these interview materials ?

Maria: Share them! The more these interviews are shared with your resources and the resources of all involved, the farther the word will spread, the more others will learn about TWIST OF FATE. A memory of an old commercial comes to mind… if you tell two people, and they tell two people, and they tell two people… well you can see how quickly it can spread (and that’s only telling two people – imagine the possibilities if you share with all your resources and they share will all theirs…)

Kiriti: What are your marketing plans for Twist of Fate ?

Maria: I will certainly be sharing it amongst my social network communities (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) as well as giving it a presence on the Navigator Books website. I hope to have it reviewed by an AAA member for posting on the American Authors Association’s website. Likewise, I am hoping there are some military contributors in TWIST OF FATE that I can work with to help them reach some of the military resources. Like many of the contributors, I have offered other suggestions that are still in discussion. I will make myself available to work with any of the contributors who would like some marketing suggestions for TWIST OF FATE. I will help tailor their marketing efforts to their own audiences.

Kiriti: Do you promote foreign writers/poets in the United States ?

Maria: Absolutely. American Authors Association has crossed international boundaries over the years and has members hailing from Canada, Greece, Germany, India and several other countries. I personally will work with any author whose work I believe in.

Kiriti: Would you like to offer memberships of AAA to the contributors of Twist of Fate ? I believe strongly, this would be great recognition of their contributions.

Maria: They are most welcome to. All they need to do is send an e-mail to and reference their association to TWIST OF FATE.

Kiriti: Will this be free for them ?

Maria: Yes. We are a non dues paying organization.

Kiriti: The Website shows, “American Author’s association”, shouldn’t it be, “American Authors’ Association” ?

Maria: I personally prefer no apostrophe myself. But yes, in the plural form would be more correct. Looks like I need to make some corrections next time the site is updated!

Kiriti: What are the benefits members enjoy ?

Maria: Because this is an all volunteer organization, the more they put in the more they get out. Members who are willing to review books for instance, will get a tag line that will hyperlink to their website or a purchase point for their book.
When a book is reviewed, it will include a link to the author’s website at the close of the review if they’ve provided one.
Additionally, I often receive requests for authors in specific locations or within a specific genre for events or speaking engagements. Those who provide the organization with these details and who are active are the first ones contacted.

Kiriti: Twist of Fate is basically a literary work, produced by a team of professional writers from all across the globe. Is this going to be a collectors’ edition ?

Maria: That is not mine to answer but Stephen’s.

Kiriti: Thank you so much Maria for answering me. It is my honor to have you as an interviewee. Wish you all success. Thanks once again.

Maria: I am honored to have been your guest. Thank you for having me.



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