Seasoned poet Ranadeb Dasgupta and promising Prabir Roy and their take on “Twist of Fate”, an international charity anthology

Interviewing   Ranadeb Dasgupta    and       Prabir Roy  – India

Interviewer: Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hello Mr. Dasgupta , Hi Prabir !! It feels nice to have you both together. You are known to me for years. Thanks to both of you for your contributions in the global anthology, Twist of Fate. Now let’s face it. Mr Dasgupta, you have contributed one of your translation works in the anthology. I hope that you remember it was not readily accepted, the Editor had to solicit others’ opinions as well.


Dasgupta: I do remember, Kiriti. I am thankful to Stephen for subjecting my translation to be reviewed by fellow authors.


Kiriti: Translators are often looked down; they don’t receive the recognition which they deserve. What do you think of it ?


Dasgupta: Well, first of all I am deducting those translators who do their own originals. Translation is a tough journey as well as important too. Not only because we could taste literature of other languages which we don’t know but also for the reason that a successful translation may convey so silently the inner depth of a writing to the readers of other languages. Here, please note the term ‘successful translation’. It implicates the efficiency of the translator. A good translator must have literary sense and ability to follow the hidden tune of the original writing. But still it is true as you have said, translators are often looked down. Probably, a suggestion plays in our mind that a translator is not the creator. I believe that there could be no translation without trans-creation. A translator, when translates, trans-creates simultaneously because there is no such language which can express the feel of another language totally. I must conclude that the view about translators should be changed right now.


Kiriti: One of your translations, Red and Blue is being published in the anthology. How does this poetry relate with the event and with charity ?


Dasgupta: Look, “Red and Blue” suggests a pair. It resembles a twin. Similarly, hope and despair come hand in hand in our lives. A verse of ‘UPANISHADA‘ (ancient scripture of Sanatana Dharma which means Eternal Religion) tells us, “Joy is not in leaving the sorrows, it lies in absorbing the sorrows rather”. This poem ‘Red and Blue’ signifies this absorption which made me translating this work. The victims of the calamity may not regain their loss but may achieve adequate strength to absorb the loss. And charity ? It’s not mere charity. This is a call of the mankind. It is our social duty if we claim ourselves as civilized souls.


Kiriti: Why did you want to get associated with this anthology ?


Dasgupta: One reason is to stand beside catastrophe victims, to share their sufferings and to shade their huge psychological setback. Another is to join the international stream of creative writings which is mainly in English. But one way or the other I felt an intense urge to make myself a humble part of this global venture and I am indebted to the group to be so.


Kiriti: How did you feel working with Stephen, the editor and with the group ?


Dasgupta: It is a wonderful journey. A joyous time spent with Stephen and the group. They are so enlightened yet so humble. So busy yet so patient to listen to others. My hearty gratitude to all of them. I convey my gratefulness to you too for selecting a trifle fellow like me for such a rich course of interview. Thanks again and wishing you a great time ahead.


Kiriti: Thanks Mr. Dasgupta for answering me, Prabir, now, it is your turn. May I ask you if you were confident about the acceptance of your submissions ?


Prabir: Yes, I certainly was. I had submitted 4 short-stories for the anthology, and two of them got selected. All those stories are related to my childhood-life. I narrated those events which are etched in my memory till now. Those were heart-felt words which I am afraid anyone can deny.


Kiriti: You appear extremely confident, I must tell you. Well, how would you like to publicize the anthology ? Hopefully you are aware that the fund accumulated from the sales would benefit the victims.


Prabir: I am going to publicize the event and the anthology once the group allows us. I will share all relevant links in my page and through emails. Hope this will generate sufficient interest amongst the readers. I have already informed two of my local libraries and they are willing to buy copies.


Thanks Prabir for answering me. Wish both of you stupendous success. Keep well.



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10 responses to “Seasoned poet Ranadeb Dasgupta and promising Prabir Roy and their take on “Twist of Fate”, an international charity anthology

  1. Thanks again, Kiriti, for bringing us inside the minds of the contributors. Translating is a function often overlooked, as it is difficult for many readers to understand the ability involved with carrying out such a task. Thank you Prabir and Dasgupta for sharing, and contributing to Twist of Fate. Part of the reward of bringing so many cultures together is the sharing of them.

  2. Rajat S. Ghosh

    Thanks Ranadeb for reminding us of the struggle of a successful translator. The reconstruction of the hidden magic of a subject in another language has to have a sensitive mind which can feel the pulse of both destinations, the begining and the end. You feel the both so keep going and express our
    ” I ” to the world.

  3. Sumita Nandy

    Thanks Mr. Ranadeb Dasgupta for sharing your views about translation. Its really a very tough journey and also important. It is an honour for me to spot your interview in international arena. Congrats and also thanks to Mr. Kiriti Sengupta.

  4. “A translator, when translates, trans-creates simultaneously because there is no such language which can express the feel of another language totally”. – agreed as long as language users do beleieve in their uniqueness.
    “a humble part of this global venture” – well said.

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    Dr. Kiriti Sengupta (Calcutta, India), interviewing contributing poets, writers, and artists for the soon-to-be-published global Twist of Fate anthology conceived and materialized by Indies In Action.

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