Known poet Elizabeth Castillo (Phillipines) and her take on Twist of Fate, a global charity anthology

Interviewing Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo (Philippines)

Interviewer: Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hi Elizabeth !! This is Kiriti, I must congratulate you for your contribution in the global anthology, Twist of Fate. I wish to ask you a few things, are you ready ?


Elizabeth: Yes, I am on, Kiriti


Kiriti: Why did you get associated with Twist of Fate ?


Elizabeth: Contributing to global charity anthologies is one of my advocacies ever since I was featured in at one international anthology for the American Cancer Society. In my own little way as a wordsmith, I believe I can make a difference by sharing my inspirational works all for the benefit of the victims and survivors of the tragedy. I have worked with Mr. Stephen Wilson before with “Angels Cried” and this is the second anthology I get to work with some contributors here for Twist of Fate.


Kiriti: You have contributed your poem. Are you sure it will add to the readership of the anthology ?


Elizabeth: My poem “The Road To Utopia” is an inspirational poetry I composed which has “encouragement” as its theme. I believe it can help inspire a lot of readers and they can relate to what has been stated there in the poem, about how life hands us down many struggles and adversities but we should not easily give up and keep moving forward for life is beautiful. When I compose a poem, I want my readers to immerse themselves in my piece of work- that they can relate with the feelings exhibited in it. I hope to inspire the survivors of the Oklahoma tornado tragedy that there is still hope beyond those hardships.


Kiriti: Did you go through the draft of the anthology as Stephen has posted ? What is your opinion about other submissions ? Name best three according to you.


Elizabeth: I have read some of the submissions of the contributors and I must say the Twist of Fate team has done a good job of compiling amazing pieces of work from a pool of talented and kind-hearted artists and writers/poets. Each one has contributed wonderfully-crafted pieces. My 3 best choices in the anthology are: 1. “An Angel On My Shoulder” by Sara Walker, 2. “Twisting and Turning” by Allison Bruning and 3. “Somewhere A Guardian Angel Weeps” by T.J Edison.


Kiriti: Apart from contributing in the anthology, how would you like to promote the work, for it must get maximum readers.


Elizabeth: Like what I did before with “Angels Cried” and other international anthologies I was featured in, I will help in the promotion by featuring the anthology in my blog site, posting on my FB Fan Page, using my Twitter and Google accounts and sharing to friends abroad. Also engaging myself in interviews for free promotions of my works which will include “Twist of Fate” when it’s finally released.


Kiriti: Since you are a poet, what do you think of abstract poetry ? How would you measure its literary value ?


Elizabeth: Abstract poetry lets us pour out our various emotions even the suppressed ones we didn’t know exist inside us ’til the moment we start jotting down what we’re feeling. It’s more than an escape into the unknown, a refuge for your creativity and sometimes wild imagination not all ordinary, ungifted people like artists, poets, writers can understand.” It is deemed as giving literature a deep and immense value with the freedom given to poets to express them in a creative and artistic manner. My works are in line with James Joyce stream of consciousness style of writing, modern and not constricted by rules of style.


Thanks Elizabeth for answering me. Wish all of you great success, keep well !!



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3 responses to “Known poet Elizabeth Castillo (Phillipines) and her take on Twist of Fate, a global charity anthology

  1. Thank you for conducting a wonderful and brilliant feature interview with me, Kiriti! You are a great interviewer. I’m glad to have worked with you as co-author/interviewer for “Twist of Fate”. Good luck on all your future endeavors.

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