Seasoned writer and associate editor, Crystal Schall and her take on Twist of Fate, a global charity anthology

Interviewing   Crystal Schall  (U.S.A)

Interviewer : Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hello Crystal !! Greetings from India, this is Kiriti. I must thank you for your contribution in the global anthology, Twist of Fate. I have seen you working quite hard towards the publication which is obvious from the group (Indies in Action) posts. Well, I wish to ask you few things, are you ready ?


Crystal: Thank you very much Kiriti. I really appreciate your offering me the opportunity to speak with you. I’m ready to begin whenever you are.


Kiriti: As I had inquired the names of the sub-editors, Stephen L Wilson readily replied, ‘the other editor is Crystal’. I was amazed to note the respect which he showed towards you. I am well aware of the literal meanings of Sub-editor and Other Editor, how does it feel to work with Stephen ?


Crystal: I only have one word to explain it … amazing. Stephen L. Wilson is a very talented writer, editor, and publisher. He doesn’t mind sharing his years of knowledge with anyone who shows an interest in learning. He’s answered a lot of what I consider to be silly questions for me, but I have learned with Stephen there are no silly questions. He is a true professional and a really good friend.


Kiriti: You are editing and are engaged in the promotion of the anthology as well !! Do you think this work will achieve a great readership ? If so, what are the specialities of this anthology which can attract more readers and in turn help in accumulating funds for the tornado victims ?


Crystal: The writings and poetry in the book “Twist of Fate” are all truly heartfelt and some express raw emotion and show just how much people care about what the people in Oklahoma have gone through and will continue to go through as they go about rebuilding their lives. The artwork I’ve seen that will be in the book is simply breathtaking. The group Indies In Action has such talented members and they’ve pulled out all the stops to make the book the absolute best it can be.

I believe if a person takes just a few minutes to read any part of the book, they are going to really enjoy all of the hard work everyone has put into it. And it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. We have members from all over the globe who have donated the work to the book, so chances are if there isn’t someone from your particular area involved you will find people from places you know of.

I feel “Twist of Fate” will appeal to a much diversified audience. There are many writing genres represented. Poetry, prose, short stories, essays … a little something for everyone. Not to mention the wonderful artwork being donated by so many talented artists. What may surprise people about the book is that it isn’t depressing and not all of the works in it talk about tornadoes, much less weather at all.

It is important to remember that 100% of the funds raised by the book that publisher Stephen L. Wilson receives will be going straight to the May Tornadoes Relief Fund managed by the United Way. They do really great work with people who need a hand up after tragedy strikes.


Kiriti: Are you giving away prizes during the cover reveal ? What is the purpose of the prize distribution ?


Crystal: Yes, we will be giving away lots of prizes. Many of the writers in the group have graciously donated copies of their books to be raffled off as part of the event. I am donating the chance to have a manuscript of up to 7500 words edited for free. We will also have free reads to post throughout the event from some of the book’s contributors. There will even be some fun games to play as we go along.

Not only has Ian Smith created amazing cover art for “Twist of Fate” that would make it worth joining the event just to see, but we want people to have fun when they visit the event. “Twist of Fate” is meant to raise funds to help the victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes. Although it is a sombre occasion that brings us together, I believe Oklahomans are a strong bunch and would want us to have some fun as we go about raising funds. Who doesn’t like a good party?


Kiriti: Being an experienced Editor and a literary-worker, do you think that readers will remember the anthology for its content ?


Crystal: Yes, Kiriti, I really do. The contributions to “Twist of Fate” are deeply heartfelt. Many of the contributors have been through serious weather, if not tornadoes, themselves. We all have experienced things completely beyond our control that have changed our lives forever. You can feel that in every written work as well as the beautiful art that has been donated for inclusion.

When you break it down, what it amounts to is there is something in this book for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you love to read or are an admirer of great art, there is something for everyone. Not only will you feel great for having helped raise money to help your fellow man in his time of need, but you will have a wonderful book that has the capacity to become one of your favorites and can be enjoyed and shared with others for many years to come.


Thank you so much, Crystal for answering me. I wish you all a grand success. Keep well.

Thank you, for sharing you time with me, Krirti. I wish you well in all of your endeavors as well.


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4 responses to “Seasoned writer and associate editor, Crystal Schall and her take on Twist of Fate, a global charity anthology

  1. Hi Kiriti. Thank you so much for the interview. There are a couple of things that need clarification.

    There are more editors working on “Twist of Fate” than just Stephen and I. Don Martin is one who is donating his time to edit the book and there are others as well. I just can’t remember everyone’s names right now.

    The event talked about in this interview took place over the past week and ended on 6/16/2013. We had a blast hosting it and we hope those that visited had a blast as well.

    I’d like to thank everyone that donated prizes for the event:

    Stephen L. Wilson
    Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
    Crystal Schall
    Alan Place
    Linda Bonney Olin
    Dee Ann Townes
    Sheenah Freitas
    Betsy Riley
    Ken Polson
    Marshall G. Kent Sr.
    Lori Dillon Stacy
    Hulya N Yilmaz
    Kiriti Sengupta

    And thank you to all members of Indies In Action and our friends for making the event a success!

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