A critic par excellence Don Martin, noted novelist from the United States, associating with Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology

Interviewing Don Martin (U.S.A)

Interviewer: Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hi Don !! Greetings from India, this is Kiriti. I must thank you for your hard work towards the making of the global anthology, Twist of Fate. I am interested to ask you few things, are you ready ?

Don: Thank you so much for allowing me to talk about Twist of Fate a bit! I feel very honoured to be a part of it. Indies In Action is an amazing group of talented people to work with, and it’s always fun! So ask away!

Kiriti: I came to know from Stephen L Wilson, the Principal Editor of the anthology, that you are one of the associate editors and have invested your effort and time towards the final shape. Editing is an extremely challenging task and requires great amount of attention and patience. Editors are never the contributors though, is this fair practice? Hopefully you are aware that Translators are often denied the title of ‘Contributors’.

Don: I think that all the readers know that there is always an editor involved. There are actually a lot of people involved in a book – it’s not just the authors. There are the cover artists, the book designer, and all sorts of behind-the-scenes people. Someone even has to select the font! I don’t expect to get credit for what I do as a “contributor,” although sometimes I’ll get a nice mention in the acknowledgements or the thank-you’s. For me it’s always an honour to be involved in the creation of a book, and that’s all the more I need out of it.

Kiriti: You are going to review the anthology for Journal(s). Would you love to be acknowledged as a writer / editor / reviewer ? In other words, do you feel that you are better at writing or editing or at reviewing …

Don: That’s a tough question! Writing, editing, and reviewing are such different things it’s really hard to compare them. I like to think I do all of them reasonably well. I guess to answer your question I’d say I like all of them, but for different reasons. I love to write because for me it is very rewarding, and I hope a few people might even like what I write. I enjoy editing because I like to work with the authors. I always learn something from them that makes my writing better. And I also like to review, because it gives me a chance to connect with readers and hopefully steer them to what I think is quality work.

Kiriti: Why didn’t you contribute a piece or two for the anthology, Twist of Fate?

Don: When Stephen called for submissions for Angels Cried [an earlier Indies In Action charitable anthology] I already had two pieces written I thought were appropriate so I submitted them. Alas, for Twist of Fate I didn’t have anything that was really right for it. I’m at sort of a critical point with my new novel so I really couldn’t split my creative energies and do something new for ToF and do it justice. But after seeing how good ToF really is I know I am going to regret not contributing to it. It really is that good!

Kiriti: Please name three submissions which according to you top the chart, considering their literary significances.

Don: You know that’s not a fair question! That’d be like telling which one of my kids is my favourite! I will say this though. When I saw a first early draft of Twist of Fate I was amazed at how good it was. Normally when I see an anthology of this sort there are always a few pieces which shouldn’t really be in there with the rest of them. They’re really not good enough. Not so with ToF! I like all the submissions, and all of them are very well-written and convey some meaning to the readers. The other thing that probably won’t be readily apparent to some readers is all the submissions work really well together. They flow well, they reinforce each other, and they combine into a well-unified whole. I have a “technical” term of my own for that. Twist of Fate is aprettybook!

Kiriti: A global anthology of such calibre deserves to be publicized well. What are your plans ?

Don: I hope that word of Twist of Fate spreads far and wide, and I’m going to do what I can to help with that. I’ll post something to my blog about it – that has a fair number of readers. I’ll also mention it on Facebook, of course. My hope is that some of those people will forward what I post to their friends, and it can spread in that way.

Kiriti: The final product is the brain-child of the editors. Do you think that Twist of Fate will leave its mark in the literary field ?

Don: I do think Twist of Fate will leave its mark. It will forever be a part of the history wrapped around these devastating tornadoes. In the future sometime, when people look back on the response to these tragic events ToF will be right there! It shows how caring people from all over the world can come together and produce something which, in its own small way, does some good for the victims and others who were affected. It’s a noble effort, and I think people will appreciate it.

Thank you so much, Don for answering me. I wish all of you grand success. Keep well.


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