Internationally acclaimed writer M.P.Witwer, a former journalist speaks her heart out, regarding “Twist of Fate”, a charitable global anthology

Acclaimed writer M.P.Witwer is popularly known as ‘Maggie Rascal’. She puts up this way, “Maggie Rascal started out as a joke, but then I became known by it. I’m trying to make it known that I am also M.P. Witwer”.


Interviewing M.P.Witwer (U.S.A.)

Interviewer: Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hi M.P.!! Greetings from India, this is Kiriti. I must congratulate and thank you for your contribution in the global charitable anthology, “Twist of Fate”. I would like to ask you few things, are you ready ?


M.P: Hello Kiriti !! Please go ahead.


Kiriti: You are a known author, an editor from the United States. What made you contribute towards Twist of Fate ?


M.P: I heard about the project rather late, but wanted to contribute because it is such a worthwhile cause. Having lived in Colorado for 10 years, I know just how devastating and terrifying tornadoes are. I wasn’t sure I had anything already written that would fit with the anthology. At the last moment, it occurred to me that my poem “The Squall” might be appropriate.


Kiriti: You do enjoy a certain readership. Do you think that your readers would buy this anthology ?


M.P: I certainly hope they will!


Kiriti: I want to hear regarding your transition from a journalist to a writer.


M.P: It’s a long and winding tale that doubles back on itself in places. My career began in journalism. After a few years as a reporter, I progressed to editing. I transitioned to a public relations position, but remained firmly rooted in my journalism background, as my job was publications director for a professional sport. We published a newspaper, media guidebook and several magazine-style souvenir programs. Eventually, I left and became a freelance media consultant. Then I eased out of public relations altogether. I spent a few years concentrating on volunteer commitments within our community. It wasn’t until 2009 that I began writing fiction, short stories and poems.


Kiriti: Was this your dream to be a writer ?


M.P: Yes, it has been a dream of mine to be a fiction writer. I am humbled and thankful to have received recognition for my efforts.


Kiriti: You are an ace editor. Is it easy to work with other editors ?


M.P: Two of my pieces, a short story and a poem, have been named Editors’ Choice selections on, the website where I am now a moderator. Another story is a Recommended Read on the site.

I have found everyone involved with the Twist of Fate anthology to be extremely easy to work with, which is amazing considering the tight timeframe of the project.


Kiriti: What are your plans to publicize the anthology ?


M.P: I’ve tried to stay out of the way as much as possible, both because I have been busy with other things, and because it is clear that the project is in capable hands. Once the book is available for purchase, I plan to announce it on both my Facebook pages, on Twitter, and on my personal website as well as on Stories Space.


Kiriti: Being a part of this noble project, don’t you consider this to be your duty as well ?


M.P: Yes, absolutely. I’ll also spread the word in person at some of the coffee houses and other establishments I visit.


Kiriti: Do you think that the society at large accepts the writers as good citizens ?


M.P: I haven’t encountered any prejudice in that regard. It’s like any other profession, I suppose — some ‘bad apples’ might give it a bad name, but by and large I think we’re good folks.


Kiriti: In the world of hectic race, what is the role of literature in human lives ?


M.P: We all need to take time out for reading. It’s absolutely essential, in my opinion. A well-read society is not only better informed, but also more tolerant and open to new ideas.


Kiriti: Nice answer. Was this easier for you to contribute to the anthology than to donate fund directly to the tornado victims ?


M.P: No, contributing to the anthology wasn’t easier than making a donation, which my husband and I also did, but I wanted to contribute to the content of what I hope will be an ongoing source of funding for victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes.


Kiriti: Do you believe that Twist of Fate is going to be a collectors’ edition ?


M.P: Yes, I believe it will have a treasured spot in the hearts and on the bookshelves of many people.

I’m afraid I need to get going. I’m due at the studio in a few minutes to pursue my other art form, making hand-carved and -painted clay tiles. Thank you for your time and your insightful questions. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Kiriti: Thank you so much for answering me, I wish you success. Keep well.


M.P: Thank you! Nice talking to you too. Bless you.


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