Energetic Colin Dardis and his take on Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology

Interviewing   Colin Dardis (Northern Ireland)

Interviewer : Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hi Colin !!Greetings from India.This is Kiriti.  I must congratulate and thank you for your contribution in the global anthology, Twist of Fate. Would like to ask you few things and I would appreciate if you, please, answer me. Are you ready?

Colin: Hi Kiriti, thanks for having me here. Ready, willing and able: you may pass Go and collect $200.


Kiriti: How did you come to know of this anthology?

Colin: Melissa Fry Beasley, one of the poets involved in the project, originally messaged me on Facebook, letting me know about the anthology, and asking if I would be happy to donate some work towards it. This was very soon after the news reports of the tragedy, and I was impressed by how quick the reaction to it was.

Of course, I was happy to get involved and lend my support in whatever small way I could. A criticism of poetry nowadays is that it is no longer valid and does nothing to change the world. I feel projects like this one go a long way to proving that to be incorrect.


Kiriti: You are a known poet from Northern Ireland and an Editor of FourXFour, an online journal of Poetry. What is the role of poetry in modern civilization?

Colin: Poetry, as with any creative writing, serves three purposes: to inform, to engage, to entertain. More and more people are realising that poetry is an accessible and pleasing art form, and not the exclusive plaything of the intelligentsia. One only has to look at Twitter to see how many poets are active on there, the followers there have, and the myriad of discussions and writings about poetry that go back and forth in tweets.

Poetry is an art that most people can turn their hand to: as with learning any other skill, it takes patience and practice, but it’s the ease of which it can be reached which appeals to folk. All you need is a pen, paper, some imagination, and a little time.


Kiriti: How does it feel to work with Stephen Wilson, the Editor of Twist of Fate ?

Colin: He is a very proactive, reactive fellow, and perhaps even, a bit of a visionary. It takes a certain type of person to rally the troops of creativity and oversee a project of this scope from start to finish. I know from experience that it is frustratingly difficult to get a lot of people around the one table in order to achieve a common goal. SO hats off to him!


Kiriti: It is said that only a poet understands other poets better. Do you believe this is right?

Colin: I think that could be a dangerous stance to promote, as it would discourage non-poets from reading poetry, and allow poetry to become a closeted genre, only preaching to the converted as such. A good poetry evokes a certain sensation or empathy when read: whether this is successful or not is down to the quality of the writing, not the reader.

Saying that, on a personal level, like attracts like, any certainly most of my friends are poets, or active in some other genre of the arts. These are the circles I move in, and I’m humbly grateful to be there.


Kiriti: Do you think that your contribution in this global anthology will attract more readers? And apart from this contribution how would you like to help the work (Anthology) to reach the masses?

Colin: Well, I would like to think that everyone involved will add not only their poems, but also their voice. It is one thing to write poetry, quite another to promote it and get people talking about it. This is a charity appeal of sorts, as much as it is a poetry anthology. Through social media and our respective networks, we collectively can create a buzz of interest and help raise money and awareness for this cause. I’ll certainly be letting my readers and all the creative community here in Northern Ireland and beyond about the book, and together, hopefully we can make an impact.


Thank you so much Colin for answering me, I wish you all stupendous success. Keep well.



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