Earthy poet, Marshall G Kent Sr. and his take on “Twist of Fate”, an international charitable anthology.

Interviewing   Marshall G. Kent Sr. (U.S.A)

Interviewer : Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hi Marshall !! Greetings from India. I must congratulate and thank you for your contribution towards the global anthology, Twist of Fate. I want to ask a few things, are you ready ?

Marshall: Greetings and thank you. I am ready.

Kiriti: It seems from your Facebook page that you are more interested in doing things for others. Is it really the guiding force which made you contribute for the anthology ?

Marshall: Yes. I do have a passion for helping. I volunteer my time and services whenever possible. This is the first time I have done so for anything as large as this effort for the tornado victims however. It is an honor to help.

Kiriti: As far as your contribution is concerned, you have chosen Poetry over Prose. Do you believe that Poetry communicates better ? Or are you better at Poetry ?

Marshall: I did choose poetry to submit, yes, but I think that all forms of writing can communicate equally well. I do think that poetry has the potential to be more evocative, however. I don’t know that I am better at poetry than any other form of writing, but it does seem to come more naturally.

Kiriti: You did study Behavioural Science. Can Poetry change human behavioural pattern ? I think behavioural pattern influences the construction of Poetry.

Marshall: I studied psychology and sociology, among other things. I don’t think poetry can change behavior directly, but may be a vehicle in thought change or perhaps it would be better to say a broadening of ideas. A poem is a work of art, it is like a painting where words are brush strokes and rhythm is texture.

Kiriti: Apart from your contribution how would you support the anthology ? It should be promoted well to raise more funds which will benefit the tornado victims.

Marshall: I will be contacting various persons in trucking media outlets in an effort to solicit support in promoting, Twist of Fate. For instance, there are national trucking magazines and radio programs that may be willing to help in our goal of assisting those afflicted by the tornados.

Thank you so much Marshall for giving me time. Wish all of you a stupendous success. Keep Well. “May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…..Amen

It is my pleasure. And I thank you, Kiriti, and wish you all the best!


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