Review of the poetry book, “The Sojourn”, by Rupansh Gupta.

“Water is the manifestation of the spirit”

Ref: “The Sojourn”, by Rupansh Gupta, Shashi Publications, Punjab


When I read a Poetry book, I consider the poet first. A poet and his/her compositions are so integral, for poems necessarily reflect the psyche of their writers. Reading a book requires patience and the same is true when studying the inherent characteristics of the poet concerned. Rupansh Gupta seems to be obsessed with Yogic (means, related to Yoga) verses and practices. And this is evident with the title of the book, “The Sojourn”.


The book consists of thirty five poems and these elicit the basic quest of human-lives. Our stay in this earth is brief. In addition to our day to day chores we are to find out our origin and our destination as well. We need to search the ‘purpose of birth’. The objective of human life is to attain ‘self-realization’, as Scripture urges. Faster we understand, better we achieve. “The Sojourn” is undoubtedly an attempt to keep us conscious about this fact.


Here the poet is a professionally qualified Chartered Accountant and has a brilliant academic resume. What I found stunning, Rupansh is desperately keen in keeping accounts of his existence. All the poems are well-composed and take the readers to a different plane of universal brotherhood. This is commendable indeed !! Considering the architecture and the essence of the poems, I believe that the book is best suited for the school going children.


The most disappointing part is its cover which lacks a professional attitude towards a work of generous sincerity.


I wish Rupansh a brilliant career as a poet.


Kiriti Sengupta

22nd June 2013

Calcutta, India.






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2 responses to “Review of the poetry book, “The Sojourn”, by Rupansh Gupta.

  1. Ridhi Thakur

    I believe you are right..The book is indeed a great work. The poems reflect the existence of everything we see. But in my opinion, the poems can be enjoyed and read by everyone, since the book is not typical hard to understand poetry. I also wish Rupansh all the luck.

  2. Rupansh

    Thanks a lot, sir. I feel humbled by such kind words…
    Yours always,

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