Compassionate Ency Bearis and his take on Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology

Interviewing Ency Bearis (USA)

Interviewer: Kiriti Sengupta (India)


Hi Ency !! Greetings from India, this is Kiriti. I must congratulate and thank you for your contribution in Twist of Fate, an international charity anthology, by Stephen L Wilson. I am eager to ask you few things, if you please…

Ency: Hi Kriti ! Greetings to you too, and from Las Vegas, USA, the renowned City of entertainment. Thanks and I am glad for choosing me to be interviewed and I am ready.

Kiriti: You are a registered healthcare professional, a nurse. What took you to writing ?

Ency: Actually, I am not a professional writer, it is just my hobby to read and compose poems. When I decided to post one of my poems in a website, I was surprised to see numerous comments in response. Some with constructive and others with negative criticism. But I learned mostly from the negative criticism as I improved much on my writings and it gave the inspiration to compose more. There the passion of writing seduced my whim into the world of poetry.

Kiriti: What role would your poetry play in this anthology ?

Ency: My poems have therapeutic touch to the readers. The same touch to the patient I care but only in words. Even if you had written only the two words “we care”, those words are simply an ounce, might be regarded as a pound by the recipient. As I believe to the doctrine and logic in benevolence. “Benevolence – an open door policy by the institution of kind heart. Though return is not expected, priceless as counted”. Within that logic I applied my words to some of my poems that I contributed here with this anthology. I believed my poems can touch their hearts as my empathy to the people in Oklahoma that was affected by the tornado calamity.

Kiriti: It is often said that Poetry is an absurd art. What is your take on this ?

Ency:  Poetry is not an absurd art. Poetry is a form of therapy for many – readers and writers. It has the essence or potion with food for thoughts – wisdom. Message, inspiring, and sympathetic concepts that can be applied to a person’s life.

Kiriti: And lastly, how are you going to publicize Twist of Fate ?   ,

Ency : I can publish it in my blog, Facebook and thru contacts to all my friends to promote Twist of Fate, anthology book.

Thank you so much Ency for answering me. Wish you all stupendous success. Take care.

Ency : My pleasure Kiriti for having me, and you’re welcome.


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