Give me some sun shine …give me some rain …

I was actually stammering with my own compositions (Bengali poems of course) when Taj Mahal Review (an international journal of repute) surfaced and I sent a few of my English translations to them. It was not that a long wait when the Managing Editor Karunesh Kumar Agrawal confirmed their acceptance of my submission. It was indeed a pleasure to have contributed in his Journal. My work got a chance to share the same league of renowned writers all across the globe. It was practically a poem by Dr Uttam Datta in Bengali and I am grateful to Dr Datta that he allowed me to submit. Sir, I’m working on your other compositions as well and I do believe that you would never decline my appeal.

My search continued. I was fortunate to meet Dr. Mrs Rati Saxena who is specialized in Atharva Veda and a recipient of Kendriya Sahitya Academy Award for translation for the year 2000. She was so kind to accept eight English poems together for the June issue of Kritya and it was sheer delight.

Whilst working for “Karok”( Amit Nirguna Agnimitram) I was offered to translate an long English poem jointly written by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo and Moses Opara. It was in Elizabeth’s timeline that I noticed an update of an upcoming International Anthology, edited and published by Stephen L. Wilson. I joined the group (Indies In Action) at once and made Ranadeb Dasgupta and Prabir Roy join the group too! I was amazed to see the professionalism of the group. They are a handful of professionals, writers, authors, a couple of them deserve to be named, ‘celebrated’, like Bill Lantry, Colin Dardis, Allison Bruning, Maggie Rascal, Don Martin et al. It took me to heights observing their accomplishments, approach and understanding. It had been my honour to interview the fellow co-authors, extremely interesting to collect their insights on the anthology and about literature as well. The anthology is titled, “Twist of Fate”, awaiting release very soon. When I met Maria Edwards, the President of American Authors’ Association (AAA) I discovered the true meanings of the words, ‘Dignity’ and ‘Dedication”. She was humble to offer Memberships to all the contributors of this anthology. This was stunning! I found an elder sis as well. So caring and affectionate, Hulya didi, as I call her that way.

It has been a great learning experience, my friends, sort of an eye-opening event, as I remain occupied with the proceeds of the group…

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  1. Dear Bhai Kiriti, I pressed “Like” not because you have included me in your post (for that, you have my thanks) but due to the fact that your words reflect the kind of personality and professionalism you possess: sincere, insightful, respectful, energetic, dynamic, hard-working and a poetic soul, too. I feel very fortunate to have known you. My best wishes for all your upcoming endeavors. You will be marvelous in completing them.

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