Liberty L Wilson delivers on his father, Stephen, the chief editor of Twist of Fate

Hello Liberty. Greetings from India, this is Kiriti. I remained eager for this interview, for I wanted to capture the man, Stephen L Wilson, your father. I know Stephen from a writer’s perspective, knowing him as a family person is important, as you know, “Charity begins at home”. Before that I would like to hear your details. Tell me something about yourself.

Liberty: I’m 14 in 9 days! I am very unique and full of life. I love making people laugh. I dream bigger than my eyes can see. I have a rambunctious dog. She is really sweet. My family is always first, but my friends are VERY important to me. I’m a short blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl who always has a smile on my face. I am a Hip-Hop dancer. It has been my career and passion for 11 years. I can’t live without music!

Kiriti: How many brothers and sisters you have ? What is the role of your father in your lives ?

Liberty: I have 2 siblings. One older sister named Brittainy who is 21 in 8 days! Yes our birthdays are very close. She is really tall, blonde, and a role model to me. I have an older brother named Tanner who is 16. He is tall as well, and very athletic. He is sometimes sweet to me. I am the youngest.

Kiriti: Stephen is a strict professional, how is he at the home front ?

Liberty: My dad can be strict, but most of the time he’s trying to make everyone laugh. He has his opinions and isn’t afraid to say them. He is loud, also! He is always supportive when it comes to the family. He is super-dad! When we need something from him, he will most likely do it. All in all, he’s a great dad!

Kiriti: This is obvious that dedicating so much of his time in charity works, Stephen can hardly spend quality hours with his family. Don’t you feel irritated at times ?

Liberty: Honestly… not really! I know what he is doing is for the best. He has such a big heart. Sometimes I do wish he would step away from editing and maybe take the family somewhere, but if he’s happy helping needy families, I will be proud of him!

Kiriti: Stephen told me the other day, “I have taught my daughter not to speak with strangers”. Is it right ? Are you an obedient daughter ?

Liberty: It’s true! My father is very protective when it comes to people I’m not used to, and boys! I remember my dad would always carry me everywhere we would go when I was younger all the way until I was about 6 or 7. Maybe not because I was small and fragile, but because he’s protective! I am an obedient daughter, but I have moments were I’m a normal teenager, and I back-talk and argue. After all that’s done, I try to follow my father’s rules.

Kiriti: What are your future plans ? Do you aspire to become a publisher like your father ? It really makes sense, for you would enjoy a dressed garden if you follow Stephen’s footsteps.

Liberty: Well, being a publisher is not my top goal. I would love to be a Hip-Hop dancer and travel to different states and teach workshops! I always have a backup plan. If the dance dream does not work out, I would like to be a marine biologist and study sea animals. Yet again, modelling is a hobby of mine, I’m pretty good at. That would be fun to do as a living! Writing is fun; I do it a lot in my free time. My father says I’m good. Not sure if I would choose that as my career.

Kiriti: It is said that practice makes a man perfect. Being perfectionist attracts frustrations at times. What is your take on this ?

Liberty: If you want to know does my dad get frustrated, then at moments we quarrel only because he is working and I’m talking to him about something and he gets short-tempered. He soon tells me to go away in the nicest way! I know it’s not because he doesn’t want me here, but because he is working and needs his attention on editing. It’s all out of love!


Thank you so much Liberty for answering me. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. God bless you.

Thank you so much, Kiriti! This was a great experience!

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