My Glass of Wine : Pre-release review by the noted Dr. A.V. Koshy

Dr Kiriti Sengupta’s book My Glass of Wine does not fall into any neat category, being as he says himself a mixture of autobiography, poetry, an introduction to his writing and love for literature and partly non fiction that introduces readers to his thoughts on varied topics including spirituality. A small book of a few pages, it can be read at one sitting, and another of its aims is to popularize poetry by offering it in a different way, in a context where we are forced to read it as it fits into the narrative well. The book is experimental and towards the end in its musings on its own cover, interestingly meta-fictional. The last section on Kriyayoga dedicated to his master Dr Ashoke Kumar Chatterjee is very readable as are many of the poems and also place descriptions that are found in the books with incidents recounted of the author’s life there. The best thing about the book is its condensation, there is a lot here in a short space and the reader can return to it again and again, savor it and learn many things in the process. I wish the author all success and thank him for asking me to write this brief note on his book which I read with much enjoyment. The title is particularly thought provoking as it is explained in the end and the book itself neatly divided into sections that explain its flow of free-falling thought.Dr A.V. Koshy*
Assistant Professor
Department of English
Academy of Arts for Girls
Jazan University
Saudi Arabia

(*Dr. Koshy is the author of three poetry books and is regarded for his literary critiquing as included in four titles)



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2 responses to “My Glass of Wine : Pre-release review by the noted Dr. A.V. Koshy

  1. Thanks, Kiriti 🙂 honoured to be on your blog 🙂

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