Rainbow of Emotions

Hey friends! How many of you have ‘pearls’ in your collection? Come on, I’m waiting; I need to hear you fast! Not long ago I had advised my dear older-sister Dr. hülya yılmaz to buy some pearls that I believed would complement her complexion. Hülya, as I found her, was not so enthusiastic to buy a few! Oh! Poor I and that my wisdom. I never knew that she already possessed some exclusive, dazzling pearls that she didn’t want to share with her friends, and she preferred to keep silent about it. A few days back hülya murmured, “Brother Kiriti, before I die I must tell you that I have a few pearls, and I wish you see and use them to soothe your mind.” I went awestruck! How could hülya know about the possible indications of pearl? Well, a pearl symbolizes the Moon, and it is the Moon that governs your mind! With much curiosity I accepted hülya’s offer and uncovered her delicate pouch. Oh my God! I could not believe my eyes! Several natural pearls that were united with a white silk thread! One may wear it as a necklace, one may wrap it around the wrist, or one may put it on the crystal tray to savor its charm. And to my utter revelation I found them only ‘natural.’ Pearls may be ‘cultured,’ and they are the ones that you cultivate under optimum physical conditions. Cultured pearls do look great; they are shiny, but cheap! No amount of gloss can ever pose a threat against the glamour, relevance, quality, and eternity of ‘natural’ pearls. I am sorry; I forgot to tell you that there was a small tag attached with the string of pearls that hülya handed over to me. It was indeed a small tag, and one may overlook! I hold the tag, brought it closer to my eyes to see a word written on it. No, it wasn’t a price tag; it was rather a name, to tell you the truth. A name that hülya has candidly offered, Trance. In reality, Trance is a collection of poems written in English, Turkish, and German by none other than Dr. hülya yılmaz. My dear readers: I assure you that with every piece of her ‘pearly’ poem you will only cherish the spectacular human-mind that radiates the complete spectrum of light, called ‘vibgyor’. 

 She is no stranger. She is no third person. She, Dr. hülya yılmaz, is family! She, a poet (I don’t know if she prefers being called a poetess), and a senior lecturer with the College of the Liberal Arts, The Pennsylvania State University. I remember as I met her first during the making of a global anthology, Twist of Fate (ToF), produced by Stephen L Wilson. I had the opportunity to invite her at my interview desk, and she stunned me with her answers. As I inquired about her status being a writer, she emphatically stated that she had been an ‘interrupted’ writer of prose and poetry in her native country, Turkey! [Ref: The Unheard I, Kiriti Sengupta, Pub: Inner Child Press, ltd] Now what did she mean with the word/adjective ‘interrupted?’ Honestly, I had maintained silence, and didn’t ask her about it. But perspective changed all of a sudden as the noted editor-critic-translator Atreya Sarma Uppaluri (Editor, Muse India) from Hyderabad (India) raised a question whilst reviewing The Unheard I: “Why did Dr. hülya yılmaz call her ‘interrupted?” I gave him an explanation of my own: ” hülya yılmaz has had her publications scattered all across two countries; one is her country of origin, and the other her living.” I was not wrong, and I have been proved right as I now read her own words: “…While I haven’t stopped writing poems or prose, life’s demands took over the concentration I used to have back then to pursue my passion for creative work. Until about a year and a half ago, when I established an electronic platform for my writings in English, Turkish and German in various genres – including autobiographical fiction and non-fiction…”Again, there was one interesting point: Dr. hülya yılmaz didn’t write her name as Hülya Yılmaz. I was obviously curious. As I inquired during the interview she said, “I haven’t capitalized both of my names in years.” [Ref: The Unheard I] Ah! It was indeed overwhelming. She is such an uplifted soul who speaks her mind.

 What is mind without emotions? What is brilliance without emotions? Worldwide the scientists are hugely focused on the Emotional Quotient (EQ) of humans. Now in Trance hülya yılmaz has silently showcased, willingly or the other way, her strong adherence to the eminent poet William Wordsworth. According to Wordsworth (Ref: Lyrical Ballads): “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.” With Trance the readers will certainly enjoy revisiting memory lane. Poetry has its distinct charm, and is considered the queen of literature. And it has its characteristic spell of silence. Poetry unsays much, but says lesser! In this collection the readers will explore the void of silence. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the whole of the book, and I strongly believe that none can go wrong with Trance. I will especially mention the poems, titled: raising a wife, anatomy of a divorce, barren no more, alive?, how?, denial, and You Are Not Alone. Poet hülya yılmaz dazzles bright with her new work Trance. I wish her all the best!

 My dear readers: Let me thank you from the core of my heart as you followed my words.

 Dr. Kiriti Sengupta

November, 2013

Calcutta, India.

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  1. Another heartfelt thank you comes your way on your own blog site, dear Kiriti! I appreciate every word you composed about my work.

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