Honestly, the word ‘blog-tour’ wasn’t in my vocabulary as my beloved editor-cum-friend Don Martin ( proposed, “Kiriti, would you like to be a part of the blog-tour that I will initiate in the coming Monday?” I was hesitant, naturally, and inquired, “What is a blog-tour?” Don explained me in details, and here I’m. Before I introduce three prominent literary personalities (I doubt whether there really need introductions!), I will say a few words about Mr. Martin. Don is a kind human! Oh! Did I sound too easy? Come on, the word ‘kind’ is essentially related with two important characteristics: Honesty & Sincerity. Apart from being a thorough professional Mr. Martin does sport these inevitable features of being kind that he indeed is. I have worked with Don in my six titles. He is patient, he is careful, and he never ever changes the flavor of my writing. I remember, when I first worked with him in The Unheard I, he was prompt in asking me, “Do you want to Americanize the whole text?” Hopefully you can assume my answer was a ‘no.’ He is the one who never scolds me for using British spellings, for he is aware of my schooling that only encouraged the Queen’s English. Moreover, Don Martin is a bestselling author of his sci-fi Sol, and he can read the author’s mind really well. This is a bonus, my dear readers!

In my private life I was passing through a dark patch as IIA happened. IIA denotes Indies In Action, a virtual group formed on facebook, and it supports various charity endeavors through literature and art-works. Stephen L Wilson ( is the founder member of IIA, and he was then collecting submissions for a proposed anthology that was later named Twist of Fate (ToF). Stephen is indeed an efficient editor who helped me in my second title The Reciting Pens. He & Kate Lantry (wife of the well-known poet W. F. Lantry) edited the book jointly, and I had wonderful time with them! I can remember I had written a line: “It was raining outside…” While editing Stephen put a remark: “Kiriti, this is but obvious, rains drop from the sky and not inside the room.” He taught me the ‘lazy words’ that we commonly use in our day to day life. On the other hand, he is a brilliant writer, and hey, hold your breath! I have recently edited Stephen for an upcoming anthology of Epitaphs, which will soon be published jointly by Inner Child Press, Limited (USA) & Shambhabi – The Third Eye Imprint (India). Let me share a secret here: Stephen loves to sport a spectacle in blue glass!

Here comes Varsha Singh ( Jharkhand, India. She is a wonderful poet, an able reviewer and a promising research scholar who is now pursuing her PhD in English literature. She was the first reviewer of my second book The Reciting Pens, and I remember that she wrote, “It would be better to conclude with the rating of this book, as any suggestion is not possible for such an endeavor. The anthology deserves a 5.5 star rating on the chart of 5 stars. Worth reading book for all; who respect the value of words from each sphere.” I have edited Varsha in Scaling Heights, an anthology of poems by the Indian poets, along with my co-editor Gopal Lahiri, another prominent contemporary poet. It has indeed been my pleasure to have worked with her again towards the upcoming anthology of Epitaphs. Varsha has a unique sense of timing that clearly reflects in her poems, especially in her debut collection, Deluges!

And now here is a dynamic software professional turned a bestselling author Ananya Chatterjee ( from Calcutta, India. She prefers being called a poetess, and her debut poetry title The Poet & His Valentine has been an Amazon bestseller. She got her book formally launched in Calcutta on 19th of July, 2014 and she was featured in the national dailies like The Telegraph, The Hindustan Times, etc. My association with Ananya started on an interesting note as she inquired if I am ready to read and publish her poems. My prompt response to her query had been: “Be confident.” And the rest, as they call, is history, for I not only published her debut book, but also her second book of poems, Another Soliloquy that was jointly authored by another talented poetess, Shruti Goswami from India. Ananya is a wonderful translator as well! She has successfully translated the verses of the veteran actor-cum-elocutionist Soumitra Chatterjee from Calcutta, under the title Forms Within.

My blog-tour can never come to an end if I don’t name the literary personalities, who have always been tremendous support: 1. Dr. Hulya N Yilmaz, 2. Marshall G. Kent Sr. But, I think, I should write on them separately, for I don’t want to do any injustice while substantiating my experiences as I worked with them.






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  1. dipankar mukhopadhyay

    a wonderful read! it is always a great pleasure knowing your friend more intensely!

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