Review: Healing Waters Floating Lamps

Do read a review of my book of verses: Healing Waters Floating Lamps. Heartfelt thanks to my reviewer Soma Roy.

Literary Yard

By: Soma Roy


This book of poems by Dr. Kiriti Sengupta is elegant and is a pleasure to hold. The depth of the richness of the images of the Floating Lamps invites the reader to explore further and accompany the Poet on his journey Beyond The Eyes.

This collection has the following lines on its open page before the table of contents and these successfully sets the tone for the rest of the book –

On the ascending shoots

Your fear matures

A few apprehensions as well

Your roots hold it tighter

Desperately deeper

And much deeper rests your God.

The poems are imbued with spirituality and philosophy, entwined with a refined sense of command over the intended contents. This we feel when the Poet writes-

And as soon as he spotted the third eye

My spirit echoed

I fell in love with myself

With the sole existence


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