Review: Realm of Understanding

Do read a fresh review of The Reverse Tree by Sujan Bhattacharya.

Literary Yard

By: Sujan Bhattacharya

The Reverse Tree Front

Presently Kiriti Sengupta is one of the most prolific literary activists in and around Kolkata (India). You may wonder why I’ve termed a competent young author to be an activist! Is it not an attempt of undervaluing him? This is the term that suits Sengupta better than any other self-proclaimed individual. History suggests every author remains focused on the development of individual identity. Sengupta thinks a bit differently. He is certainly busy with his own creations, but at the same time he has taken up his agenda of translating a few Bengali poets into English to make the English speaking population conversant with the rich treasure of Bengali poetry. He has co-edited three widely acclaimed poetry anthologies that involved many global poets of much renown. None would differ that such a combination of activities uplifts an author to the level of a missionary, a self-devised protagonist. In spite…

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