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Messages that remain valid for ages to come

When it comes to poetry, the honest poets speak out truth! And truth is synonymous with God. I’m not sure if Marshall G Kent Sr. is a believer, but his words sound pure.

Kiriti: As far as your contribution is concerned, you have chosen poetry over prose. Do you believe that poetry communicates better? Or are you better at poetry?

Marshall G Kent Sr.: I did choose poetry to submit, yes, but I think that all forms of writing can communicate equally well. I do think that poetry has the potential to be more evocative, however. I don’t know that I am better at poetry than any other form of writing, but it does seem to come more naturally.

Kiriti: You did study Behavioral Science. Can poetry change human behavioral pattern? I think behavioral pattern influences the construction of poetry.

Marshall: I studied psychology and sociology, among other things. I don’t think poetry can change behavior directly, but may be a vehicle in thought change or perhaps it would be better to say a broadening of ideas. A poem is a work of art, it is like a painting where words are brush strokes and rhythm is texture.



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Two questions to the Editor-in-Chief, Stephen L. Wilson

Stephen is extremely busy nowadays. He is editing a charitable anthology to help the survivors of the recent earthquake in Nepal. The anthology is named: Magnitude – The Awakening Of Nepal. Read his answers to grasp the benevolent soul of the chief editor.

Kiriti: Stephen, with Magnitude you would be crossing the borders of your country and aiming to help a cause in a foreign land. How does it feel to reach out to them who are not your native countrymen?

Stephen L Wilson: I am honored and happy to reach out across borders to help. As always, it is a great feeling to be able to work with so many talented people from across the globe, in so many capacities.

Kiriti: I am not being negative towards your hard work and motivation. Magnitude – The Awakening Of Nepal bears more poetry than prose-pieces. Aren’t you afraid of being not-so-successful commercially this time around? Your other works Twist Of Fate and Angels Cried have been appealing even to the general readers of literature. With more poems appearing in Magnitude, aren’t you confining your work to a definite group of readers?

Stephen L Wilson: My intent is never to be commercially successful. From the beginning, the anthologies are a creative outlet for artists and poets who would like to help out with a cause, but who may not be able to otherwise do so. In the process, we stand to raise a bit of money for charity. At no point in the process do I ever pay much attention to commercial success. I feel that if IIA* can offer a quality book at an affordable price, people will buy it rather than make a straight cash donation, so that they may have something tangible to show for their charity.

[IIA stands for Indies In Action, a virtual group of like-minded people, and functions on Facebook.]

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