Messages that remain valid for ages to come

When it comes to poetry, the honest poets speak out truth! And truth is synonymous with God. I’m not sure if Marshall G Kent Sr. is a believer, but his words sound pure.

Kiriti: As far as your contribution is concerned, you have chosen poetry over prose. Do you believe that poetry communicates better? Or are you better at poetry?

Marshall G Kent Sr.: I did choose poetry to submit, yes, but I think that all forms of writing can communicate equally well. I do think that poetry has the potential to be more evocative, however. I don’t know that I am better at poetry than any other form of writing, but it does seem to come more naturally.

Kiriti: You did study Behavioral Science. Can poetry change human behavioral pattern? I think behavioral pattern influences the construction of poetry.

Marshall: I studied psychology and sociology, among other things. I don’t think poetry can change behavior directly, but may be a vehicle in thought change or perhaps it would be better to say a broadening of ideas. A poem is a work of art, it is like a painting where words are brush strokes and rhythm is texture.


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2 responses to “Messages that remain valid for ages to come

  1. Great work! Kiriti, I like the two-question format. Marshall, way to be an inspiration to so many!

  2. Short and significant questions and answers, Kiriti. Waiting for the next one.

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