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Let the Flowers Bloom by Kiriti Sengupta

Let The Flowers Bloom re-published on Transcendent Zero Press’ website!

Transcendent Zero Press

Let The Flowers Bloom is a powerful and convincing work rooted in history and hope. The author uses symbolism to lure the reader in, to invoke questions of India’s past, of the dream of unity, of the flaws in coerced borders around today’s country. You may not sense it at first, and aren’t expected to. Several reads will reveal the intricacy of Sengupta’s allusions and metaphors. This prose poem will be published in The Earthen Flute, soon to be released by Hawakaal Publishers in Calcutta, India. The collection peruses the theme of civilization’s blessings as well as themes of spirit, resurrection, jubilation, and redemption. 

Elderly Mujibar has no money; he owns a hovel and a large pond. Mujibar eats rice and boiled Shapla as he returns from work. He grows Shapla in the pond that also has Lotus in it. Mujibar picks both the flowers and keeps them in…

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